Forward Tee Policy

Members may apply to play forward relative to the field if they:

A) As of January 1st, were age 65 or older and have a handicap index above 15.0; or
B) Have a physical disability or ailment limiting the member's enjoyment from the blue tees (subject to confirmation by the Events Committee).

If you are eligible and would like to apply to move forward for the season, click here to register for White Tees (or do so along with your membership renewal).

This policy applies to all Club events other than flighted Cup and Senior Cup matches played from specified tees.

As of April 21, 2021

Approved White Tee Members (29):

  • John Andritsch
  • Jim Ball
  • Richard Ball
  • Steve Boehme
  • Robert Dean
  • Fred DeBoe
  • Tom Defke
  • Joseph DeGuzman
  • Rod Dow
  • Jim Fergel
  • Glenn Frohwirth
  • Jim Krahn
  • Larry Lynch
  • Stephen Malisow
  • Joe Meloy
  • Robert Meyer
  • Erik Miller
  • Scott Morey
  • Phil Nero
  • John Reising
  • Pat Schmidt
  • Tom Schultz
  • Tom Shaw
  • Jerry Sherrod
  • Christopher Spahn
  • Frank Urtz
  • Peter Vandergrinten
  • Greg Wille
  • Jerry Zimmerman

Approved Gold Tee Members (4):

  • Bob Cohn
  • Richard Duernberger
  • Dennis Kaehny
  • Tom Thielman